We aim to be the contractor of choice by providing our customers with an exemplary service and delivering real satisfaction through the highest quality performance.  Our goal is to earn the loyalty of our customers and gain new customers through their recommendation.  It is our vision that we respond to our clients’ diverse needs to deliver more projects, with great service, and an environmental awareness. We are ‘Building for You’.

Our Core Values:

We are, at heart, a family business.  We ensure our people treat our customers fairly and honestly.  We do what is right, not what is the most cost effective option.

We ensure all of our projects are given equal merit regardless of value or prestige.  We start a job and we finish it to the client’s satisfaction.

We do not accept ‘close enough is good enough’.  A Clement Dickens job is a proper job.

Open Communication
We encourage our customers and our suppliers to be honest with us – we want the truth as this is the only way to continue to learn and improve.

Staff Development
Our greatest asset is our people.  We encourage our team members to aim to achieve continual advancement in both their professional and personal lives.  We want our company to be a rewarding place to work.