The purpose of Clement Dickens is to provide a first class product to our customers, while offering employment and training to local people and producing a reasonable profit for our shareholders.

We want to be the contractor of choice for our customers.  We need to ensure that all customers receive the treatment they would expect from a professional organisation and that the final product fulfils our clients’ expectations.

By running a local, family-owned business we are able to give back to the local economy through direct and indirect employment.  We want to ensure the people who are associated with us maintain a good standard of living and take pride in what they do.  But we want it to be enjoyable along the way.  They are, in effect, an extension of the Dickens family.

It is vital for the continued success of any company and to give them the ability to provide employment and services, that the business is profitable.  Everybody associated with the business has an ultimate responsibility to ensure they maintain all efforts into meeting Company expectations on cost recovery.  Our shareholders require a reasonable return on their investment but this is not the over-riding philosophy of the Company.